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  • Audio/Video Webinar/Seminar Calling
  • Video Product Broadcasting
  • Audio & Video Broadcasting
  • Resume Video Broadcast
  • Sharing Writable Whiteboard
  • Screen Share Collaborative Documents
Clicky: The All-In-One Social Media Networking, Business & Product Marketing, Video Broadcasting and Click2Call Platform

CrossPromote YOUR Business, Products, Services, Marketing and Advertising using Video Broadcasting & the ClickyStore!

Built in CrossPromote Click ‘n Share “Public Relations” tools
  •   Exclusive Internal & External Email System
  •    Promotional Badge
  •    Ready Made PR Newsletters
  •    Registration ID Tracker - locks in your Referrals
  •    SAVINGS & BONUS Rewards Program
  •    VIP Elite includes: a Business IP, Private Emails and a CPanel
  •    VIP PRO includes an elegant layout and design for your Business or Club Newsletter
ALL the necessary apparatus for YOUR Business in ONE convenient location!


Clicky’s global Click2Call Webinar Conferences & Chat combines: Shared Video, Shared Screen, Writable & Editable Whiteboard for Attachments, Broadcast Announcements with the BEST Built-in Email & Marketing PR System – second to none, effortlessly merging YOUR Newsletters, Calendar, MAPS, Invites and Events with real time Updates & Notices! Sample Newsletter: Or Create YOUR own Newsletter using your Clicky ID!

Clicky auto-locks YOUR ID into your referrals Registration form!

Marketing made Simple! One Post & CrossPromote YOUR Business, Club, StoreFront, Products, Events, Videos, Articles, Blogs, Jobs – just about anything with Clicky's VIP CrossPromote: Click ‘n Share Email and PR Newsletter System that helps you earn monthly BONUSES based on the size your Subscribed network referrals!

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Three categories are typically the most lucrative:
1) Banks = trillions 
Social Media = billions 
3) Real Estate = millions (if YOU’RE lucky)

For example: LinkedIn sold “as is” for 26B, Skype sold for 8.5B, EBay is worth 18B, Phone Companies - BILLIONS, YouTube 5B, MailChimp $170M, MATCH 194M, Twitter 30B, Facebook 190B

 Clicky is ALL THAT combined and MORE!

2 Questions: How much ROI can you make from Real Estate using only $25K or $50k and How FAST?

Clicky includes an additional LONG TERM BONUS from $100k - $3M or More - depending on the program the Investor chooses.

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Exciting update!!

Brad, a Mastermind Investor, is cashing in his assets from his current company to become one of our TOP Managers and part of the Clicky Family Community! (YOU can too!)

“I look forward to joining "Clicky" Oct 2! I know that in 6 months I will secure funding to make it where Clicky will never do anything but increase in profits! Based on the projections I have done, I will personally see that within 10 years Clicky will be a 100 Million dollar company!” Brad

If you are a Subscriber, and INVITE others to join and subscribe to Clicky - you will make $1.00 every month for EACH new Member that you REFER and who also Subscribes to Click 'n Connect Clubs!

We will issue you a personal Account ID for this purpose. For more information, you can email us at: Clicky@Clicky.Buzz

Clicky is SERIOUS about FUN & INVESTING – that is why ClickyBuzz connects BOTH Social & Business together for a totally unique marketing experience!

If you are interested in becoming a Clicky Sales Rep for our ClickyStore and/or our other Clicky products & marketing tools, just call or write Clicky at: 307.222.6009 or send your resume to: Clicky@Clicky.Buzz

Coming soon: ClickyPhones!!

Ask about our TradeIn Program!

iClicky - Do YOU?!
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Q&A Session

Start Time:
09/21/2017 at 02:00 PM Mountain Time

Cheyenne, Wyoming United States Conference call: 712-770-4010 #827477

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