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Click 'n Connect Clubs take Social Networking and Business Development to New Heights by Combining Vision, Talent, and Fun while Reaching New Markets Locally & Worldwide.


In a new twist to “direct market advertising,” Click ‘n Connect Clubs’ members grow their business utilizing new online strategies that combine exciting parties and dinner events into giant, networking social clubs in order to get their message out.


Click 'n Connect Clubs' vision is simple. They believe that you will want to do business with someone that you “click or connect” with in a deep or meaningful way.  


Through Click 'n Connect Clubs' revelation of blending social networking and entrepreneurial creativity, they have fashioned a personal and online atmosphere that affords business associates the opportunity to sell their products within their website, and connect with others via dining, clubs and events along with job searches; house hunting; c2c (Click 2 Connect) dating; online chat and messaging.


Click ‘n Connect Clubs’ mission and purpose is to stimulate and launch new ideas via “solidifying vapor” with little “mastermind” clubs through exciting networking events that market an individual’s unique gifts, talents and products as they “connect” with others which in turn leads to a tight-knit global community.


As entrepreneurs, they understand the concepts and adventures in marketing while they face the challenges head on and reach new markets.


Yvonne Jones, President of Click ‘n Connect Clubs’ declared: “My message is simple and fun!” She further stated: “Why not grow your business utilizing exciting, new and creative networking social clubs vs. the dull and ordinary methods of marketing?” As she snapped her fingers she boasted: “Just: Click ‘n Connect!”


Click ‘n Connect Clubs has scheduled their launch date for Friday evening, November 6th at Ritzy’s in Rolling Meadows for their dinner extravaganza which will include guest speakers on messages designed to galvanize the entrepreneurial spirit - what it means to “Solidify Vapor, Network, and Connect;” along with strategies on what to do with those pesky, “old” 401K’s.


They’re already looking forward to their spectacular “Red Carpet Event” scheduled for Friday, December 4th that will include a luxurious night of flash, pomp, video and awards for those who want to be on their program, promote their business, and be treated like royalty.


Their “Red Carpet Event” will include a special show introducing the improvisational
group: “CSI Yellow Cab.”


Both events require an RSVP in order to attend.

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From: jenava22
12/07/2018 17:52:42

I don't think I will have time to attend these events. But I can definitely help you to improve your sat score if you want. Feel free to ask me.

From: pexejurer
11/14/2018 06:43:35

From: JohnCamarillo
10/30/2018 06:47:04

No doubt church all events are available here now no need to ask from anyone what is going on in church. Yes my favorite classes and events in this beneficial are going to start. I am going with my kid.

From: robbinrwhite
07/21/2018 01:03:39

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